CMD presents Saturday Night Live - General Admission

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Welcome to our second Hot Lap Night event Saturday Night Live! The summer is just so hot but SNMP was cool enough to let us run at night until 10:30 PM (maybe later 😉) This event does have run groups that will run 15 minutes and have 5 minute breaks in between. This should make for a very short line and get you tons of laps. This is a new layout with a big flick entry and slows down to a more technical end. I think you will really enjoy it and should make for great tandem and excitement.
Group A is the Hot Lap group. That means there will be nobody on grid and drivers will constantly be able to go. We will have flaggers on track to notify if a car is broken down on track. If you spin you MUST just drive off track and start over. Failure to do so can get you moved to another group. This group should be for high level drivers that are ok with multiple cars on course. This group is also limited on the amount of drivers because it will be constantly going.
Group B is the Tandem group. This will be a little slower paced and will have a grid worker releasing drivers. We will also have flaggers to notify if a car is broken down on track. This group is designed for intermediate drivers and has more spots than the others.
Group C is the Single run group. This is a great opportunity for a newer driver that doesn't want the pressure of being in a fast paced group. Drivers will be paced even slower than the other groups so it is safe for them. If your confidence grows you can move to the tandem group or try tandem with another solo driver. If you would like a more experienced driver to ride with you to give tips please let us know. I love seeing new drivers progress more than an experienced driver kill it. We have all been there and just want to see you and drifting grow!
Gate opens at 3 pm and tech begins
4:30 Driver meeting
5:00 Group A
5:20 Group B
5:40 Group C
Continue this pace until it’s over 😎
Clean up and roll out asap. Please nothing loud at all past 11. We are already pushing the noise lol