Judging Criteria


Klutch Kickers is a great series that everyone seems to follow. Hence why I have chosen to use their rules. Big shout out to them. This establishes all the baseline rules and regulations for all cars and teams. Should anyone have any  questions please email us. Drivers and teams are strongly encouraged to read these carefully.

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  1. General 4

    2. Start light 4
    2.1. Chicane 4
    2.2. Initiation 4

    3. Qualifying Format 5
    3.1. Qualifying Criteria 5
    3.2. Qualifying Scoring 5
    3.3. Incomplete Qualifying Runs 6
    3.4. Qualifying Tie Breaks 6
    3.5. Rainouts 6

    4. Elimination Rounds - Tandem 6
    4.1. Tandem Judging Criteria 6
    4.2. Tandem Zeros 7
    4.3. Tandem initiation 7
    4.4. Tandem Contact and Collisions 7

    5. Vehicle Service During Tandem 8

    6. Competition Timeout 9
    6.1. Competition Timeout Procedure 9

    7. Protest 9

    8. Championship Purse and Points 10

    9. Protest Form 12

  1. General 

Sofa King Awesome event is being held July 22-24 at Southern National Motorsports Park in Lacuma, NC. This event will have a random lottery for the competition. 

All decisions made in competition will use this rulebook as a reference sheet. In the event a  situation occurs that is not covered specifically by these guidelines, Klutch Kickers Operations  Manager and Judges will use their best judgment to make a ruling that is consistent with the  nature of these rules and regulations. 

  1. Start Light Procedure 

The start line light will be controlled by Nate Roberts. He will receive confirmation from each driver before giving the signal to go.

For this event there may be a chicane.  This is designed to require the lead driver to  have to lift off throttle after leaving the start line to achieve a closer battle. This is drifting, we  want to see drifting, not drag racing. 

2.1 Chicane 

Chicanes may be used this season at the discretion of the 

judging panel. 

During battles if a lead driver hits 1 or more cones, the battle will be  

restarted by either a flagger trackside. The location  

of the flagger will be discussed in the drivers meeting the morning  


During battles, we use a three-strike rule. As a lead driver if you hit one or  

more cones you get a strike and restarted, you hit one or more cones again 

you get a second strike. On the third restart if you hit a cone again you 

will get an automatic incomplete. Judges or Officials may also call a restart  

for any unsportsmanlike conduct based on criteria discussed in the drivers  


The chase driver is unlikely to hit chicane cones, however, if there is an  

unintentional cone hit from the chase driver it will not result in a restart. 

2.2 Initiation 

The Vehicle must be sideways as it passes the latest initiation point 

marked on track by a set of 3 cones placed on the track. If the vehicles  

is not sideways by the 3rd standing cone this is an automatic zero.

  1. Qualifying Format 

    We will use a random lottery for qualifying spots. This eliminates any down time from the traditional qualifying format. Only 32 spots will be available to purchase for the competition on June 12th @noon on cmdrift.com. If we sell out, there will be a wait list. Drivers will not be able to sell their spots. 

  1. Elimination Rounds – Tandem 

Drivers will be paired against each other in a knockout style bracket based on qualifying.  Each battle will consist of two laps, the higher qualifying driver will lead the first lap and follow  for the second lap. 

The lead car is expected to run as close to 100 points qualifying run as possible, using the criteria  set forth by the judges in the drivers meeting. The lead driver should expect to receive  deductions for any mistakes made. 

The chase car is expected to follow the line of the lead car and essentially use him as a “moving  clipping point”, while matching or bettering the angle of the lead car. The chase car is highly  encouraged to be as close to the lead car as possible. The chase driver should expect to receive  deductions for any mistakes, errors caused by that of the lead car are not deductions for the  chase car. 

If a vehicle is broken, or does not make the call for a battle, the remaining car must make a bye run  to move on in competition. 

4.1. Tandem Judging Criteria 

4.1.A. Lead Driver

  • Run a 100-point qualifying run 
  • Chaseable Lead Run 
  • Follow all zones / clips / decel zones 

4.1.B. Lead Driver Deductions 

  • Shallow angle 
  • Incorrect line 
  • Poor transitions 
  • Trying to “get away” from the chase driving by compromising line, angle, or style. 4.1.C. Chase Driver 
  • Initiate no later than the lead car 
  • Maintain proximity 
  • Match / Better lead cars angle 
  • Match lead cars line / transitions  

4.1.D. Chase Driver Deductions 

  • Cutting the line compared to lead car 
  • Less angle than the lead car 
  • Location and timing of initiation 
  • Transition timing and overall driving compared to lead car 

4.2. Tandem Zeros 

  • 2 or more tires off track (subject to change based on layouts) 
  • Straightening or loss of drift 
  • Spinning out or opposite drift 
  • Opening of hoods, doors, trunks, etc. not because of contact 
  • Failure to be at the starting line when it’s your time to run 
  • Being at fault for contact that results in the other car making a major mistake Unsportsmanlike conduct 
  • Hitting a rear zone marker with the center of the rear wheel or forward Hitting a front clipping point marker with the leading side of the car 
  • Chase car intentionally not chasing a lead driver after an INCOMPLETE was scored on the  previous run 
  • A mix of multiple mistakes that could be deemed as an unchaseable lead Three consecutive restarts from the chicane cones or an official’s call 4.2.B. If a follow driver does something that results in a zero, the lead driver must still  complete the lap or both drivers will receive a zero. 

4.2.C. If the lead driver does something that results in a zero, the lap is over at that point and  the following car is no longer required to complete the lap. 

4.3. Tandem Initiation 

Single File Initiation – 

  • Lead driver can initiate using any method they desire 
  • Lead driver has the right of way from the start line to the  

initiation point 

  • Lead driver must exhibit a fully committed approach to the  

initiation point and will be held accountable if any mistakes or 

issues arise between the start line and the initiation point. 

  • Chase driver must not impede the lead driver in any way, doing  

so will put the chase driver at a disadvantage

  • Chase driver may position their vehicle anywhere behind the  

lead vehicle if it does not impede the lead vehicle’s ability to  


  • Violations of procedure may result in a restart 

4.4. Tandem Contact and Collisions 

4.4.A. Lead Vehicle 

  • If the lead driver goes offline, loses drift, or has a change in momentum that causes the  chase driver to have a collision with the lead driver, the lead driver may be deemed at  fault. Each judge will use his discretion and assign fault. 

4.4.B. Chase Vehicle 

  • If the chase driver has a collision with the lead driver while the lead driver is fulling all the  lead driver requirements and adhering to all zones, then the chase driver may be deemed  at fault. 

4.4.C. Damage Due to Collision 

  • Once fault has been determined, the vehicle who is deemed not at fault will be allotted 15  minutes to repair the vehicle without having to use their competition timeout. 
  • The driver deemed at fault is not permitted to touch their vehicle without using their  competition time out, should they have one remaining. 
  • If the car deemed not at fault is unable to be fixed within the allotted time, they would  move on in the bracket, but would not be permitted more time to fix their vehicle or  compete. EX: Car b hits Car A in the great 8. Car A cannot be repaired. Car A moves on to  the final 4 but would not be permitted to battle in the final four. Car B is out in the 8. 
  • Should this occur in the final battle of the evening, we reserve the right to award extra  time to the car not deemed at fault to fix their vehicle. We all want to see the finals! 4.4.D. Tandem Tire Debead or Damage 
  • Vehicles are not permitted to leave the line with a currently debeaded tire Rear tire changes will not be allowed during competition timeout unless debeading has  occurred or rim/tire damage due to a collision with another vehicle. 
  • If the chase driver debeads a rear tire due to contact or collision avoidance with the lead  driver, both drivers may also change tires. 
  • In the event the front tire becomes damaged, the Operations Manger or Technical Director  may allow that vehicle to change the damaged front tire to ensure the run of show. 
  1. Vehicle Service During Tandem 

Competition vehicles cannot be serviced, altered, or adjusted between the first and second runs of a  tandem battle. This includes tire changes, nitrous bottle changes, tire pressure adjustments, suspension  changes, fueling, cool-down etc. Rear tires are required to make two consecutive runs. 

  1. Competition Timeout 

Teams may call a one-time competition timeout to make any necessary repairs. Competition  timeouts are not to be used for strategic purposes only repairs. Only the driver or designated team  representative will be allowed to request a competition timeout. Team’s will not be granted a 

timeout if it is believed to be unwarranted. Competition timeouts are allowed to be a maximum of  5 minutes. 

Tires changes are not permitted during a competition timeout unless a collision has occurred and  caused damage. Tires are required to make 2 consecutive runs. 

Competition timeouts are for repairs only, no tire pressure or suspension setting adjustments are  permitted. 

Drivers who fail to make the 5-minute call will be disqualified and forfeit to the opposing driver. Teams may only use 1 competition timeout per round. 

Competition timeout may be called by the operations manager if a vehicle is not present in grid and  ready to run when it is required to be to maintain the run of show. 

6.1. Competition Timeout Procedure 

Drivers and teams may not perform any work on the vehicle prior to an official being onsite and  starting the 10-minute timer. External visual inspection is allowed, no touching of the vehicle at all. 

The 10-minute clock will start when the official tells the driver / team to begin, not when the vehicle  arrives at the location. Teams will be allowed to place car on jack stands before the five-minute  timer starts. Once the tow truck is clear, the official will tell the team to start the repairs. The entire  repair needs to be completed before the five minutes is up. 

Five minutes will run out if your vehicle is: 

  • Not safe to drive  
  • Not safely / adequately repaired 
  • Not ready to drive to the burnout box 
  • Drivers do not need to be in their cars at the end of 5 minutes, we understand some of  you are 1- or 2-man teams. However, the repairs must be completed. The car can be safely removed from the jack stands after the five minutes is up. 
  1. Protest 

To protest a Judge’s call, you must speak with the operations manager or competition director, and  they will speak to the judges before allowing a protest to move forward. Drivers are not permitted to approach the judges tower for ANY REASON once battles have commenced. This will result in an automatic disqualification and dismissal of any protest. This also includes your crew members, should a drivers team approach the judges tower for a protest it will also result in an automatic disqualification for the driver. 

Judges have a ten-minute time limit from the moment the protest form is turned in to render a decision and relay it to the liaison, after the decision we are returning to battles. 

The liaison will deliver the decision to the driver and give them the reasoning the judges provided, drivers are not permitted to approach the judges tower or argue the decision. The decisions are final, if you don’t like the decision, we make ourselves available AFTER each event to talk, feel free to come discuss it with us.

You cannot protest a subjective call, or section of a run. 

Example: You cannot protest something such as “I had more angle through this section” or “I had more style”. These are subjective and not open for dispute. 

You can protest hard qualifying score-based criteria only. 

Example A: Driver A made a mistake that should equal an automatic zero or Driver A made a mistake that was scored a zero and should not have been.  

Example B: Driver A caused Driver B’s mistake by doing something they were not supposed to. “Driver A slowed in a non-deceleration zone and caused Driver B to go off track."

Media footage collected outside of our approved media team and judges tower is not approved for use in a protest review. 

Cell phone footage is not admissible, do not bring us media for a protest. It will not be used. 

DO NOT approach the judges, or other event staff for any reason during the event pertaining to a  judging call or you will be disqualified. If you have questions/comments/concerns about your battle but are not protesting, wait until the event is completely over to discuss with the judges or track staff. 

Protesting Times

  • Top 32 before start of Top 16 
  • Top 16 before Top 8 
  • Top 8 before Top 4 
  • Top 4 before the finals 

Protesting Cost 

Protesting fee is 200$ and must be submitted with the protest form. All fees must be paid before the judges will render a decision. 

Should the original result be overturned your 200$ will be returned. Should the call stand you forfeit the 200$ regardless of the reason. 

Protest Form must be 

  • Presented ONLY by Driver Representative if others are with you then you will not be heard 
  • Presented within 15 minutes of the run 
  • Form must be filled out and signed by Driver Representative 
  • Driver Representative must present $200 cash with form at the time of protest Must show arm band for proof they are the Driver Representative 

Name of Driver - ___________________________________ 

Name of Driver Representative - _____________________________________ 

Protest cannot be based on Subjective information, is your reason subjective  _______________. 

Section of the track for discussion for video pull/or live stream timestamp _______________________________________. 

Description of reason for Protest - 

______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 

By signing below, you are acknowledging if the protest is lost then you will forfeit your $200.  If you win, you will receive another Protest form for future protest and the $200 will be  returned.